Organic Feed for Chicken and Other Poultry

Modesto Milling manufactures a broad range of organic poultry feeds to fit the different lifecycle nutritional needs of your flock. We support different formulation themed feeds with Corn and Soy, Non Soy, Non Corn-Soy and Non Wheat-Soy ingredients. All ingredients grown in the ground are certified organic which means the cultural practices on the farms do not use inputs such as herbicides, pesticides, medications or GMO’s.  Our focus is all in with certified organic feed manufacturing. We create formulations that promote the health and longevity of your flock.

Poultry Nutrition

Our formulations support all kinds and species of poultry. We make feed with the purpose to provide for strong production and health. Our customers tell us they are concerned about what their family eats. It all starts with the poultry feed and ingredients. In all our feeds we use natural vitamin E, not the allowed synthetic source. Salt is from Redmond Minerals in Utah with a mineral content of 8 percent. Diatomaceous Earth, food grade is used for removing internal parasites and toxins along with Redmond Conditioner (clay) is very effect in removing micro-toxin and acts as a natural buffer. Tasco brand of organic kelp meal from Nova Scotia, Canada. This kelp has over 60 trace minerals and vitamins from Acadian Seaplants. Zeolite from Idaho has a high negative charge to remove internal pathogens and oders.