Horse Feed Nutrition

Our products are formulated to fit a wide range of nutrient needs for horses of all walks of life.

For the horse that maintains well on a forage only diet, Modesto Milling Organic Horse Supplement Pellets is a concentrated power-house ration balancer with a low feeding rate that is the perfect complement to pasture or grass or alfalfa hay. This feed is also ideal for balancing the diet of horses that get straight grains (like oats) with their forage. For horses that have greater caloric needs than forage alone can provide, we have two nutritionally balanced organic full feeds: Organic Horse PLUS (Performance, Leisure, Universal and Senior) is a textured feed with whole grains, alfalfa pellets and sunflower seeds; and Organic Horse Senior is a pelleted feed specially formulated to be lower in starch. Click here for energy content comparisons of the feeds.

For questions and concerns about what to feed is best for your horses call Modesto Milling today. 209-523-9167